Thursday, April 24, 2014


I almost can see your face, everywhere.  It should be stopped. I should, have to stop thinking about you. But your face, yours and yours, is becoming obsession to me.  I saw you in Osaka, I saw you in Kyoto, I saw you in Tokyo, I saw you in Nagoya, I saw you in Kuala Lumpur, I saw you in Manila, I saw you in Paris, I saw you in Australia, I saw you in Amsterdam, I saw you in Brussels, I saw you in Koln, I saw you in Venice, I saw you in Prague, I saw you in Firenza, I saw you in Rome, I saw you in Vatican, I saw you in…. I see you at…

Life goes on. I see you but I keep walking, I see you but I keep running. At some point, I cant stop even I have to carry your heavy face in my shoulder, I never stop. Because you are just you are. God sent you to me, I created an event with you and story went directly as usual, as the way things went it.

I cant say that I cant wait to see your face’s fade away, but when it comes, it’ll replace with things that I believe more and more hard than this. But, hey, it’s life.  You grow old and your stage’s going high and high and higher than before.

It’s not ballad which is torturing me, it’s a Jazz.

That ship’s already sailed. No one can be blamed. Not you, or me. It’s what it’s. and I want to say that I miss you and I love you and I want to be with you. But it’s just too much to say. And meaningless of course. I smile about things between us. We’re so close but yet, we never meet again. If it’s on the movie, all I need just take 100 steps and shout your name loudly, the music will play, A good song will spread, the wind will blow, the word, “I love you” will be heard. People don’t give a shit, I’ll win your heart and we will be together. Happy ending at the time, and then, maybe, we will be separated after 1 year but who knows. ..

It’s why I hate Jazz, the music seems never end and the pain is always open even time’s almost off.

There is something left between you and me, it’s only ; my obsession.