Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cant stop thinking about it

Sometimes I wonder where I've been, Who I am, do I fit in? - Out Here on My Own

ah, I want to write something because there's someone out there reading it. but I cant find something good to write, so, I'm just picturing about that one on my mind. the gergeous smile, the great hair cut (really?). I know maybe I'd regret this thing the next days, weeks or months but for now, I just want to feel it like an innocent person before the world ruins the fairy tale.

and, thinking about my self lately, I think I lost my voices, my true voices and it's taken from me because all the tigers come at night, at once. they eat my soul alive. and I'm wondering where I can find my strong spirit because it's gone.

I'm standing on my own, "should I give up or should Ijust  keep chasing pavements? "

I remember I'm the man who have faith, that I can move the mountain and throw all big rocks from my soulders. Man, I miss those days.

for what it's worth, I want those stunning smiles, just for my self, I want you to walk with me, live with me and have fun with me, face all the problems with me. but, my logic, ahhh, still, no one can beat my logic. it's too soon to say something romantic, isn't it?

Back to my goal, and please, try to understand these stupid things, try not to be confused, I think I'm making plans based on unrealistic ideas. It's been almost 3 years, I need to, No, I must go to the anothers chapter, even it means I have to jump from my comfort zone, take the risk, and just go without thinking so much things that make me worries about the another things.

It's about times to GO and see, how hard the world'll slap and hit me on my face.


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