Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Weekend

you guys want to know how does my week end look like? Taddaaaaa here's the answer. I'm NOT doing much on week end. Every sat night I go out with my friends, we talk about stupid cases, topics or jut acting like a popular guys at that night. we drink coffee, eat eat talk drink eat talk drink eat talk drink, usually until 00.30 AM.

Sunday morning's always be stupid thing in my life. I wake up and feel just like, "where I am?" of course I'm on my bed. then just grab my phone, look at that stupid thing, reply all texts from my stupid stupid friends, then look at my other phones and again, reply stupid texts.

Where is the turn on button, where is the turn on button. my mozzila shows stupid website, Facebook. check my notifs trying to find the worthy one to reply a comment or something. then go to Twitter, check my sweat followers, oh, they are still there. one or two of them, unfollow me. I look at the left, read all Trending topics, thinking, then make tweets about it, taq it, done.

check my email, hmmm... whooooo it looks like my online dating isnt interested to me anymore. no email, no reply, no and no, just NO. oke,

Texting my older brother, "where are you? are you going to fishing or something today?" his answers are always same as before, "I'm working" oke, feel like I'm the lazy man here. I always go to my parent's house by my loyal motorcyle. at my parent's house, my mother makes some food, fed me with all her best food. after that, I go back to my own place.

at my place, I go facebookung again, blogging, eat snacks, drink softdrink, eat snacks, eat eat eat, then sleep. up again, eat, eat eat, drin drink drink

just like that. stupid stupid stupid me

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