Thursday, October 13, 2011


I said words to my friend that I didnt like feel needing and then she said that I was scared to see future and she wanted me to think about her words. it wasnt strong words from her, I know why I feel that way but she took the point without asked me about my past. you know, you'll have great words to say when you're able to see the big picture. at least, she tried to give me some advises

my point is, when I think I wanna share something and she/he takes the wrong direction about it then BANG! they feel right about their mind, nah, I'll end my story and I stop to trust them.

When you sit with me, talk with me and I share things with you, you need to learn how to keep something. go slowly, you'll see the whole things inside me. If you go so far without considering anything and just want to see what you want to see, you'll just find yours, It isnt me at all. I have poker face, fake face and I think everybody has it and lives with it and for face that, all you need to do, just keep your words and mind in the secret way and pointing to me when you're sure I dont know what things on your mind.

I dont know why I write this one, complicated, stupid isnt it? no need to understand, I'm just saying.

We can be friends, just friends if you trust my words. but we can be best friends, when you trust your heart and mind and playing mine. you know, I'm man who like the dangerous words (JS)

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