Monday, September 12, 2011

Requem for A Dream

"Deprofundus clamo adite domine" (Out of the depths, I cry to you O Lord) -The Sixth Sense

My friend told me on Twitter that "Requem for A Dream" was great movie but too depressing. I said, "but that depressing story made me watching till the end". I want to write that I have been changed for good. and that is the most common lies.

I already forgot how it feels to be normal. what is normal anyway?

I think it's possible for people to feel alone, emphty, lonely, unloveable, unnormal or whatever words call it. When they fail to deal with it, the stress comes to near them.

No one really knows how to save people like that. they just act like they know it because yeah, they have studied about it. but everybody's good actor, they have their own show. they come with their lines, talk like a normal people and tell lies without doubt.

You know, you cant always tell people the truth because, someday, they'll play with it. You cant just trust someone, that is the rule of universe. If you wanna be kite player, you must do it well. In the end, do NOT regret anything or blame anything. because, at least, You'll realize that you have tried hard to do the right things, to protect yourself. and someday, if you're the lucky one, you'll be drown without nothing left. You're just, Wuzzz, GONE.

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