Thursday, September 1, 2011

I think It never ends

Ernest Hemingway pernah menuliskan dibukunya, For Whom the Bell Tols, "The world is a fine place and worth fighting for..." Yes, I'm like Somerset(Seven), I agree with the second part. I dunno, I just think the world isnt a fine place to me. Maybe you'll think that I'm not the type of grateful person but NO ONE really know about someone's head and heart anyway

Dan apakah dunia ini berharga untuk aku perjuangkan? I dont really know either. Someday, I walked away from home and met my friends and then I thought about I wanted to ruin my life. I was bored about something that I thought It never ended. I took a risk to stop thinking "why this things happen to me"

But It didnt work.

I wish everything would be oke. but it's NOT oke. I'm feeling unwell. I'm on the bottom of the wheels. I start thinking to ruin everything. I'm afraid of loose my control.

Please God saves me. I know It's easy for You, You're the one who take the full control. It's hard to me and I dont see the way out...

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