Thursday, August 4, 2011

Did, Do, Doing

Maybe I am just believing it is all right when it is not? ya.. Mungkinkah Aku hanya mempercayai semua baik-baik saja padahal sebenarnya tidak? How could I stand for this so long? Do we get what all we deserve? Do I deserve it? I can run for all questions all night but I'm just wondering what the answers is. God, I can't feel fullness anymore.

ah, too much sentimental can kill you anyway. I see someone (again) and fuck up, that's just in the shadows, I cant catch that things you know, Just see around, never tell anything. why? because I've been enough ruining my life and now, I think I grow up, I'm old.

that's bullshit. I never grow up, I'm just a kid who begs for new toys, new games.

and the story goes on, bla bla bla, my mind is empty, blank blank blank. I even cant tell a good story of something. ah, I miss my friends, we used to hang out together. Oh ya, if I could go back to senior high school, what would I do?

fixed things, told her that I've been lying to her for years. and yes, I also told someone how much I cared with her, How much I wanted her to fix me at the moment I also would study hard, worked hard and tried hard to get what I really wanted.

but, If I wanted something in the future, what would I do?

I never regret anything, I'm going to do my best whatever I get now, I never give up for what I want and also never looking back. when it's done, it's done.
Jogja Jogja, she's one of my best friends when I was in Jogja. She's merried and wish her happy now.

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