Monday, January 31, 2011


When I knew this men, I was in Junior High School who red Harry Potter's Book in the other side of class room. Bobo Magazine told me that Daniel Radcliffe played Harry Potter in the movie. I was excited, He was cute, innocent and has a great ayes. I had my first Harry Potter's Poster which Daniel, Emma and Rupert stand together as Harry, Hermione and Ron. that time, the first time in my life, I waited something on the screen, it was Harry Potter series.

I sometimes feel, I'm stupid. I like Harry Potter, that's not even cool for a boy, for a men. I dont like sports, I dont like watching Football, I dont like watching TV sports. I like Movies, I dont really understand about Rooney, Owen, Beckham, Totti, Gonzales, or Irfan Bachim (I dont even know how to write the right spelling of their names) bur I know about the title of the movies, the directors, the casts etc.

I found my self falling in love with Hermione Granger on the books then when the show continues on the screen, I'm standing still to love Hermione. She's brillian, She's amazing, she's very very special and she is never leave her bestfriend for anything.

Danrad (Daniel Radcliffe) If I were gay, maybe I would be falling in love with him. I have grown up with him.

I mean I've watched his transformation for years. He looks awful in Golbet of Fire, fresh in Prisoner of Azkaban, so old in Half-Blood prince and so lost, so sad in Deathly Hallows. I watched all his films, I watched all his interview on the TV. he has passion for something that we dont really know.

And if I want to meet an actor, and I have any chance, I want to met Danrad, I want to know something on his mind. It sounds stupid but here it is.

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