Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blood Will Tell

How far do you go to get something you really want it? Believe me or not, blood will tell. Sometimes, you must give up to your blood. I mean, to catching your fate you have to know your blood first. It’s true.

I do NOT push you to just take your fate without fight. Oke, I want you to fighting yours. But sometime, the first place to know how far will you go just look into your blood. Blood will tell.

The big mouth will tell about story “You can change everything you want to” or something you able to fight your destiny. Oh c’mon, don’t be pathetic, you will change nothing. So, take it, just take your blood. Please, don’t make life hardly with stupid ideas. We all know guys, we fight for nothing sometimes. We just like a big loser. I’m a loser. Take it and face it, son of a bicth.

The big mouth will tell that you’re a weak because you don’t know how to fight or how to change something. They will read to you some stories about where the heroes who change the world come from. But beneath the surface, in the deep-seated, they know, they’re nothing. Just a liar.

Here we go. Maybe I wrote something bull-shit already. But yes, I already did it. I’m tired, so then let it blood tell everything. I can’t handle such a nice bull-shit story anymore. I’m old. Fairytale’s dead when you’re growing up, bite by reality.

Don’t blame me because write this thing, don’t debate me. Just feel and think with your ownl. I’m on my own. Enjoy your life and then die.

Note :
*don’t waste your time to figting for something you’re not sure you can get it. It makes you look like stupid.
**don’t tell me if I’m complaining so much without work hard because you don’t know me. If you still do that, I would like say “Sayonara” and be happy to kick your ass out from my page. Understand that? Thank you.