Friday, October 15, 2010

It's time

It was enough but now, it’s not enough. Love isn’t enough when you speak about chances. We have been being together for long time, you know. Then you speak about your future. Tell about your serious relationship. You think that you’ve found the right one and wanna be together, maybe, so badly with the new one. You have built your fairy tale since I knew you. We was very young and stupid. Then, I know that you never give up for the perfect one.

Let it you free just like let my stupid away and be 100% smart. I need my stupid. I cant be totally smart because I will feel emptiness more bigger than before. I need my full feeling, need my hurt, my weak and happiness. I need to be a only human.

And I know, you want nothing from me but my freewill. And you know that I want nothing from you but waiting. Then you realize that you waited enough for me. We just cant be together.

It’s ok. I’m oke. We grew up. Love’s not Important than facts. Fact you need the Mr Right and fact I need find my greatest life. We’ve tried to find something in our self that worth it to see each other. We’ve tried hard. It’s time to stop. It’s about time to shout “ENOUGH” and let all our doubts away.

Nah, this is strong quote from LOST’s series, from Juliet Burke to James when she wants him to choice Kate, “just because two people love each other, it doesn’t always mean they’re supposed to be together!”


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