Saturday, August 14, 2010


This time, I cant be stopped. I'll fight, I'll risk everything, try everything. will make you down on your kneels. Believe me and try me. this's final decision. I need to move on, need to know.
I wrote down that stupid stats in my FB. I was scared if I’ve lost my mind. Tetapi mungkin iya, aku sedang kehilangan pikiran sehatku. I don’t wanna my lust and desire take control of me. In fact, aku sama sekali tidak tahu. Just don’t know what to do.
Everytime I see that face make me things my life’ll e over. Banyak yang masih ingin aku kejar, banyak hal yang masih ingin aku lakukan. Banyak yang ingin aku buktikan kalau aku worth enough to life.
Hidup tidak sekedar bernafas memang. Seperti semua ada dicampur kedalam sana. Ketakutan, luka, amarah, hasrat dan ambisi-ambisi. [dan aku merasa tolol karena terus menulis hal yang sama berulang-ulang]
What would I do if I find someone who I really want and loves me back? Ignore or what? Sementara aku tidak akan mau melepas hal yang kurintis dari awal, dengan susah payah hancur dalam sebuah hubungan yang orang-orang sebut ‘love’. Selain itu, I don’t wanna risk something if I still have quest like, “what is true love?” “That love is real or not?”
Can I hold this feeling anymore? If I can, how long?
I was wrong. I was so stupid.
I saw you, I wanted you, I got you, I liked you, I loved you, I lost you, I miss you.

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